The Technique

As we grew up, the vast majority of us were given very little to no education in how to use our bodies optimally and efficiently. The Alexander Technique fills this substantial gap in our personal development and allows us to discover a far greater potential in our bodies.

The Alexander Technique teaches a way of using one’s mind and body in an integrated manner that allows the student to shed unnecessary muscular tension throughout the body, thus leading to a freer, more easeful, fluid, and pain-free manner of being.

During lessons, the teacher uses verbal and gentle hands-on guidance to facilitate within the student greater self-awareness, the experience of using less muscular and mental strain, deepening mind-body-emotion connections, and the uncovering of the natural optimal potential of the whole organism.

Students gradually learn how to cultivate these discoveries for themselves more and more in their own lives. Alexander Technique sessions are called lessons because they are designed to teach students to help themselves.