“If you are not sure whether Alexander Technique is for you, understand that it is not the same as any other modality out there, while being compatible with all of them.  It is so powerful that it’s had a challenge of seeming to claim the impossible. It delivers.”
~ Joshua Myrvaagnes

“Emily is so utterly present with me and in this presence, has taught me not to abandon myself in times of nervousness, excitement, fear or panic. “
~ Katie Lawson

“Because of Emily’s experience as an actress and teacher, she has a great talent for knowing and sympathizing with actor’s needs and issues and more importantly how to work with them so they will not get in the way of auditions and performances.”
~ Laura Bozzone

“With a little practice for a few minutes a day, I eventually came to realize that much of my lower back and leg pain, what the doctors called Sciatica, was mostly self-inflicted, some bad habits in the way I held tension in my body.”
~ Chris G.

“Someone who is willing to take the journey with you and understand you as an individual well enough to teach you. Emily is that kind of teacher.”
~ Emily Olson

“Seldom do I leave a session with Emily without some new, practical insight into my own work and/or new ideas about how I can help my students.”
~ Bryan Close

“I was in excruciating low back pain when Emily gave me an Alexander session. I couldn’t believe what happened after just one session! I have used this simple awareness technique Emily shared with me since, and am amazed at how it changes everything.”
~ Suzanne MacDonald

“Emily is an amazingly gifted teacher. She is intuitive, kind and perceptive. I highly recommend her.” ~ Andrew Byrne

“I started taking Alexander Technique to improve my posture and alleviate back-pain while pregnant. In the process, I discovered my body. I have never been so comfortable in my body before.”
~ Luba Teten

“I am a 74 year old man with the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. Emily has been a tremendous help to me in my quest to improve my posture and more importantly, she has helped me to connect to parts of my body and thus reduce the impact of my physical symptoms.”
~ Robert Goldberg

“Emily is a master at reminding me and my body that everything I need is just a breath away.  She’s helped me immensely in an array of physical demands.”
~ Santino Fontana

“I cannot recommend Emily enough.  She is thoughtful, clear headed, insightful, and a terrific Alexander Technique teacher who has clearly learned from the very best.”
~ Elisabeth Ness

“A few minutes practicing what I learned from Emily takes care of pain that used to hang around for weeks. I know my body better than ever and that knowledge gives me confidence every day.”
~ Margaret O’Connor

“I used to live in my head only, feeling that my body’s main function was to carry my head around. I now hear how my body talks to me, when it’s tired, or hungry or stressed and I can take care of it”
~ Luba Teten

“I went to Alexander because I felt as though I had lost my voice as a singer. Emily started at the beginning, guided me with unwavering patience, but ultimately gave me space. It’s not the easy fix our culture is used to, but I promise it’s worth every second.”
~ Emily Olson