Private Sessions

“Someone who is willing to take the journey with you and understand you deeply as an individual to support you. Emily is that kind of guide.”
—Emily Olson

How Private Exploration Works

Private sessions are currently available online through Zoom and are tailored to the unique needs and wants of the individual. For some, sessions will be more Alexander Technique based while for others more rooted in The Daring Way™. Often a combination of the two will emerge because we cannot separate the body from the mind from the emotional life.

Prior to your first session, you will fill out a brief intake form with questions regarding your health history and intentions for our process together.  All private sessions are 1 hour in length and we will begin by developing a strong sense of where you are at, what you are up against, and where you want to go. Based on these connections we will start exploring tools specific to your unique wants and needs.

The process is cumulative and deepens in further sessions.  Weekly or bi-weekly private sessions are recommended in the beginning to cultivate the greatest overall connections and change.