Voices of Private Clients:

I’ve been in talk therapy for a very long time and while I’ve found that work tremendously valuable, this work has been very fast, surprisingly sudden, and complete in what it has helped me unearth, understand and work through. In particular, I have to say as a man, I feel like we’re often taught that we’re not allowed to experience uncertainty, vulnerability or things that might be described as weakness. Allowing myself to experience these emotions and the physical sensations connected with them has been illuminating and more importantly, very helpful in preparing me with tools and techniques for the next time I experience or encounter these sorts of emotions and feelings. ~ Shannon Michael Wamser

The safe, trusting relationships I’ve built with the people close to me and the deep expressive relationship I’ve developed with myself are beyond what I ever could have imagined. I attribute that fully to the work Emily and I have done together, to build, for me, the stamina to be with the entire range of my emotional life and human experience, as well as that of others too. Working with Emily is hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself. ~ Katie Lawson


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